Soulfood Academy


Web design



Christin Natter is a speaker and coach in corporate health, personal development and leadership, freelance psychologist for corporate and private clients.

She is thrilled with her new visual identity which speaks of something etheric, mystic – but also pure and full of love. 

Soulfood academy is all about holistic way of living that connects us with our essence and nature around us. So the logo is made of symbols representing lotus flowers, and infinity symbol.

Lotus is a symbol of purity, like our soul. Symbol of love and connection with divine, which is the goal of Soulfood services, to help people reach inner balance. Infinity symbol also represents soul, something that is transcendental and in eteral connection with the source.

Combination of infinity symbol, letter S, and lotus petals. Geometric form represents precision, perfection, one of the atributes of services provided in Soulfood academy.

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